This Cop Bought A Struggling Dad A Car Seat Instead Of Issuing Him A Ticket

“A citation or ticket is not always the solution to somebody’s problems.”

that’s a good police person

Can you I.M.A.G.I.N.E if one of the powers of the police was the ability to spend X dollars to help out someone who was breaking the law because they couldn’t afford not to.

Cars get fixed.  Kids get clothes so they can go to school.  Houses get repaired.

Can you imagine what it would be like if cops were trained and empowered to respond to need with compassion.  If we cared more about the ‘serve’ in ‘to serve and to protect’.  If this wasn’t news because it’s just what cops do.

THIS IS HOW YOU POLICE! THIS IS HOW YOU LIVE, THIS IS LOVE NOT HATE! I have witnessed so many cops who are kind and caring but they get overshadowed by the bad bunch. I want to see stories like this because it keep my hope in humanity alive.

Trend: protecting and serving

I wish all cops cared. This was so nice to read.


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