While Gut’s selfless devotion to protect Casca and ferry her to the
Elfhelm is admirable, I have a bad feeling something devastating will
happen to Guts through Casca. Casca’s devotion to Griffith was met with
the Eclipse. Could Gut’s devotion to Casca be met with something equally
horrific, but not rape? What if she simply DOES NOT care for him

I… don’t really understand what OP is asking.

Are we speculating that Guts is going to experience a despair event horizon on account of Casca hypothetically not caring/loving him anymore despite how devoted he was to her? I know Guts is flawed, but I don’t think he’d let his ego get the best of him in the way that Griffith’s did him. 

Because the Eclipse was more or less initiated by Griffith being a vain asshat in despair who was mad that a) Casca rejected his “advances” (which was attempted rape, more or less, if only because he was too handicapped to do anything further) and that b) she was staying with him out of pity rather than reverence for him like she use to, and also that she had persuaded Guts to leave again. Casca was devoted to Griffith at this point but not in the way that he wanted. 

That and Guts and Casca’s relationship is/was… not like Griffith and Casca’s relationship. Like, even at it’s WORSE (and remember: Guts certainly did Casca wrong one more than one occasion and she’s entitled to her feelings toward him, whatever they may be) I wouldn’t put the former on the same level as the latter. I think we’re dealing with two different concepts of devotion here. 

But again – not really understanding this speculation. 


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