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This panel almost comes off as a parody of the way that character development, conflict resolution and morality are dealt with in Mangahood

Is it just me, or do a lot of people project the mangahood Edwin relationship onto the 2003 versions of the characters? There’s so many complaints about how they didn’t hook up, or how Winry being left behind behind in Amestris at the end of CoS was a tragedy. Because apparently being separated from your childhood friends that you have grown apart from is worse than leaving everything except them behind, possibly forever.


God, this. Edward and Winry already have the presumption of “lead boy and lead girl gotta get together” pushed on them, and since it happened in what is generally accepted as the “true” canon (quotes because all of it’s fiction ANYWAY and the idea of a true canon is ridiculous), it’s assumed that they were supposed to get together. That we’re all somehow ripped off by the Hero not getting the Girl in the end.

I think it’s too frequently forgotten that Winry as a character does not exist for the Elrics in 03. She has her own independent arc with Sheska, and it’s heavily implied that she and Wrath formed some kind of bond through the skip between episode 51 and CoS. Yes, Edward is very important to her, but Winry has a full life in Resembool. The difference between manga!Winry and 03!Winry is that 03!Winry serves a more powerful narrative purpose outside the Elrics. Regardless of her abilities and standing in her universe, manga!Winry still serves as little more than Ed’s healer and romantic tension throughout the plot. In 03, however, her story is very much her own because the characters in general aren’t created to serve a greater purpose. Winry doesn’t have a role to fill in this story, she’s just here doing her Winry thing.

tl;dr, “these characters didn’t get married and settle down and have a standard nuclear family” isn’t really a basis for an argument. It’s fine if you didn’t LIKE that, but… in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Shipping in this fandom in general is uh… fucked.